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If your grill is hot and you’ve just cleaned your grates with a grill brush, one coat will be sufficient, but if you’ve just completed one of the more thorough cleaning methods described above, you’re going to want to apply a couple of coats. Scrub the grates with a nylon scrubbing pad to remove lightly baked-on foods and grease. By mastering these tips, you are making a huge stride ahead, away from ordinary way of doing things. Cleaning Inside and Out . How To Remove Rust From Blackstone Griddle? Clean the Grill Grates. While the grill grates are still warm but after the fire is completely out, wipe them clean with a paper towels or a dish towel. When you get finished cooking something on your cast iron piece you’ll want to take it to the sink. This way your cast iron will stay clean and shiny! Here's a trick to help that hard to clean cast iron with grates whether it's a grill plate or a skillet with ridges. First, be sure to clean off your grill (as soon as you can after using it. Any food spills can be scrubbed off with a steel grill brush (wire) as needed and rinsed with hot water. Keep these tips in mind before you start scrubbing. Try out these steps practically and watch out for the difference. It is … This way you’re able to burn off much of your stuck on food and barbecue sauce. Otherwise, even if the grates have burnt-on food, you can clean them up with no more effort than cleaning a burnt pan. Replace old grates with the best grilling grates on the market. First thing's first, cast-iron grates and porcelain coated grates are NOT the same thing. Before each use, we recommend preheating your grill to 500-550°F, brushing your cooking grates clean with a stainless steel bristle brush and then adjusting your control knobs to your desired grilling temperature. If you forget, clean them after you light the grill the next time around, before you start cooking. This way you’re able to burn off much of your stuck on food and barbecue sauce. Having carried out these steps, your grill is already clean and ready for reuse. If you have years of buildup, however, you’ll probably need a more labor-intensive approach. What is the Maillard Reaction: Why it Matters and Why Should You Care, USDA Beef Grades: Understanding the Types of Beef and Its Uses. Now that you have applied oil to your new cast iron grids, light the grill and operate on Med/Low (400F or 200C) for 30 minutes. So just be sure to set the grates … The safest and most trusted method of cleaning your cast iron of rust is to use a vinegar soak. When cleaning cast iron grates, burn off any food left over on the grates. More Helpful Cleaning Tips. Cleaning grill grates is definitely not among the things we love to do, but it is surely a thing that you have to do if you’re planning to cook on a grill. The mundane task of cleaning your grates … I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. You can use cooking oil to season your grates, but a product I’ve been using lately to season all my cast iron is Crisbee. Just like for cast iron pans, the important thing for cleaning cast iron grates is that you never want to submerge them in liquid of any kind because it can lead to rust. This is going to sound obvious, but cannot be overstated: The best way to keep your grill clean and rust-free is to give it a good cleaning immediately after every use. Therefore, deep cleans should only be done occasionally. Deep Cleaning … Alpha Grillers Grill Brush. Grill plates are always hard to clean, especially when they’ve … Cleaning grill grates can get messy. A majority of the grates I see, especially the cast iron are rusted and probably should be thrown away. Using the tongs carefully place the grates into the basin. Lay down several sheets of... 2. 3-2-1 Ribs Method: What is This and Does the Method Work for Beef Ribs? If you do not have one a brush with brass bristles will work. After every use, while the grates are still warm, give them a good scrubbing with a stiff brush. Use a sponge, Brillo Pad or a Commercial Grade Grill Brush to scrub your grates. We like to compare GrillGrates to a good cast iron pan: seasoning is the KEY to good food! Porterhouse vs T Bone Steak: What’s The Difference? Care – When it comes to cooking grates, the maintenance is the same for Porcelain coated cast iron as it is for Stainless steel. Similar to stainless steel, I’d recommend cleaning your cast iron grates right after cooking. Heat the grates for 15 minutes at 200 degree Fahrenheit. Then you can spray it down using solution of four parts. One way to take good care of your cast iron grates is laying down a coat of vegetable oil before every cook, and one afterwards. Set aside. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc., or its affiliates. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Self-Cleaning Oven/High Heat on the Grill. Regular cleaning. As a light but important precaution, store your dry and well-oiled grates in a cool dry place. So in this article, we’re going to explore routine maintenance, how to clean cast iron grill grates and how you can keep your investment looking good and operating properly. Seasoned Cast Iron Grates deliver heat better than any other metal and provide a non stick cooking surface allowing easy removal from the grill. I don’t know about you but eating off of a rusted grill grate is not very appetizing and not very healthy. Porcelain grates: Porcelain grates are rust-resistant as long as the finish is intact. My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible enjoy and be good at doing the same. Once you’ve finished cooking and removed your food, open all vents if using charcoal, or turn up your grill to high if using gas and then close the lid to allow the grill to get hot. Seasoning is simply the use of fat or oil that is baked into the pores of the cast iron at such a high heat that it polymerizes, forming a tough coating that prevents rust and forms a nonstick finish over time. Dry the grates off well with a towel. There are many reasons to purchase cast iron grill grates. Try these tips for removing rust with household items, and then follow our recommendations to prevent future rust. And How to Get The Best from Both, Bottom Round Roast – What it is, Where it Comes From, How to Cook it, Best Soft Sided Coolers in 2020 – Light for Travel, But Super Effective, Fire Me Up: Buying Guide to the Best Charcoal Chimney Starters 2020, Best Grill Brushes and Cleaning Tools – Buying Guide and Reviews, 2020, Best Charcoal Smokers in 2020 – Buying Guide and Reviews, How to Calibrate a Thermometer Used for BBQ, Grilling and Smoking, Skirt Steak Vs Flank Steak: What’s the Difference and When to Use Each. The cooking process aids grate maintenance. Mastering these tips is of multiple importances. Similarly, vegetable shortening can work well. They Look so Alike! Let’s see what the seasoning process is, and … The simplest methods use non-toxic household items, probably already on hand in your kitchen. Ensure you rinse the grates thoroughly using warm water to remove all the soap applied. >Discover more here. But above all the methods that are being used to clean cast iron, seasoning can be considered as the most useful one. FoodFireFriends.com is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program. When faced with the task of maintaining the quality of your porcelain coated cast iron grill grates, be sure to give your grates a delicate yet firm dry scrub as the grates heat up. Place your grill grate on your unlit grill. Have you any tips or tricks for keeping them clean that we haven’t covered here? You should always clean your grill’s grates immediately after use by rubbing them with a metal scraper before the grate cools off. Hi Mark, What is your take on the best type of grill “brush” to use to clean the grates? However, they do rust easily, so we recommend rubbing the grates down with either vegetable or canola oil after cleaning. Grate Tools & Accessories. A brush with a scraper is excellent here as you’re able to scrape any remaining food off your grates easily. Crisbee doesn’t actually recommend their product for barbecue cast iron grilling grids because the high heat will remove “seasoning”. Using paper towel or a natural bristle paint brush, coat the cast iron with your choice of cooking oil. This aids to completely sanitize it. Grates To Season! Wash the cast iron grates in warm water before using a charcoal grill for the first time. Simply preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes, with the lid closed, and then brush the grates clean with a Weber Stainless Steel Grill Brush. Cast-iron grates: Cast-iron is tough so they can handle those stiff, wire brushes. I think I should begin by saying this: Do not wash your cast iron with soap and water unless you want to strip your seasoning and then re-season it again. That’s a very real concern! For questions about this website, please contact us via CONTACT FORM, Copyright 2020 © SmokeGears.com | About Us | Contact Us | Disclaimers | FAQ | Privacy Policy |. Care – When it comes to cooking grates, the maintenance is the same for Porcelain coated cast iron as it is for Stainless steel. Cast iron grill grates are very durable and known to generate the most even cooking surface. In the below video, we see how Lodge Manufacturing, one of the oldest cookware companies in the United States and one of the largest manufacturers of cast iron cookware in the world, gives recommendations on how to clean grates that have become rusty. ... Dip the brush or a nylon scrubber into the water and detergent solution and clean the grates. Learn more, SMOKEGEARS.COM is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com. Boiling water might not seem like much on its own, but you can do … I found that while in storage, if I only wipe them with oil then store, rust spots can and do appear almost every time. Related Guides. Then gently scrub with a kitchen scrubber or wire pad to remove any remaining rust. Softer, brass bristles work better than hard metal scrapers for cleaning. On top of that, with continuous use and with routine seasoning they will eventually become non-stick; similar to a cast iron pan. Most oven cleaners contain lye, a strong alkaline solution used for washing and cleaning. Despite their ability to withstand all forms of punishment, water is the worst enemy you shouldn’t expose them to. However, when I replace my current brushes, I will certainly be buying ‘bristle free’ versions. But for this that’s ok because it’s the ammonia fumes that does the cleaning, not the liquid itself. Once cleaned you will need to give your grates a good rinse before drying them very thoroughly. What Does Cutting Against the Grain Really Mean? Some grates are even dishwasher safe (including cast iron grates) so before you begin cleaning the harder way, you should check with the manufacturer to see if, indeed, you can simply plop them in a dishwasher. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This will remove any seasoning you’ve built up, but will also remove any surface rust, bringing your grate back to bare metal. How to Clean a Dirty Grill; The Best Solution for the Instant Pot Ring Odor ; How to Keep the Kids Bathroom Countertop Clean; The Problem With Cleaning My Stovetop Grates. Cast-iron grill grates come in a few different varieties: Uncoated cast iron is black and porous and has a slightly rough texture. Cast iron grates require very minimal cleaning as long as they are seasoned properly. Prevention, however, is the best method. If a cast-iron grate is not coated with enamel, it remains porous. All you need is regular practice and condition yourself by doing it regularly. Avoid over cleaning your grates in the beginning to allow them to season and develop a non-stick coating. Once you ascertain that all pores are covered with oil, you can now use aluminum foil to cover them. Once you’ve burned of… Then, soak the grill grates … Once finished scrubbing, you’ll still want to wash with soapy water to rinse off any remaining vinegar, followed by drying thoroughly in a low oven. The Science of Carryover Cooking: What Is It and Why Is It Important? It does not only result in neatness but also protection of your equipment. Bake at 350°F for at least 30-45 minutes. This type has a smooth finish and can be any color. Leave a comment below to tell us what kind of grates you own and how you clean them, we can all learn from each other! Propane VS Electric Smokers – Which One Is Better? I have been using the stainless steel brushes but they leave little metal pieces and I’m concerned they will find their way into the food. I'm a self-proclaimed BBQ nut, and the founder and chief editor here at Food Fire Friends. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, lightly coat your grates using substances such as vegetable oil or olive oil. After cleaning your cast iron grates and making sure they’re dry, you now want to apply a very thin coating of vegetable oil to help prevent rust from forming. This means regular cleaning, oiling, and ongoing general maintenance and care. Stovetop grates come in a variety … Start by making a 50/50 mixture of water and distilled white vinegar, and let the grates soak for about an hour. How to Smoke Corned Beef Brisket in Electric Smoker? You have … Once your grates have cooled (either inside the oven or on the grill), you’ll still need to give them a quick cleaning with hot soapy water to remove any carbon that may have been left behind. Many barbecue enthusiasts recommend peanut oil due to its high smoke point and low viscosity. The oil bakes on and creates a non-stick protective layer. Two-Zone Grilling Method: What is a 2-Zone Fire and How to Set Up a Grill? Clean the Grill with Boiling Water. We recommend cleaning your cooking grates every time you use your grill. Just a wipe with a cloth or piece of kitchen towel lightly dabbed in oil is sufficient. This guide is for cast-iron grill grates not porcelain coated grill grates. Before each use, we recommend preheating your grill to 500-550°F, brushing your cooking grates clean with a stainless steel bristle brush and then adjusting your control knobs to your desired grilling … Most important of all, you get an opportunity to add shine to your grilling experience. I know that advice is really simple, but it’s true. Regardless of how you cleaned your cast iron grates, you should always season them before you put them away. Finally, reconnect the propane tank, close the hood and fire up the grill; let it heat for at least 15 minutes, then turn it off. While your grill is still warm, scrape the grates with a good grill brush. The non stick surface and the flat rods make clean up easy, just gently scrape across with a spatula. After the grids have cooled, they are seasoned and ready to use. They MUST be clean in order to season properly. To clean, use a soft-bristled or nylon brush in lieu of rougher metal or wire brushes. To clean, use a soft-bristled or nylon brush in lieu of rougher metal or wire brushes. This is the only way I’ve found to prevent rust long term. But Yes, in These 7 Ways, so Store It. In this article, we have systematically provided you with tips to master for effective cleaning of cast iron grill grates. Cover every surface of the grate or burner with the fat of your choice. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Seasoning will help prevent any possibilities of rust build up. And rub cast-iron grill grates with a light coating of vegetable oil. Indeed, you will like it. For preventing rust, you can apply several types of methods. Now store them for a couple of days in a warm place where no children or pets could possibly get at them. Some cast iron grates may be coated with porcelain enamel. Additionally, smokegears.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Through the process, ensure you’re in protective clothes. Set up a cleaning station. Using a dry cloth, wipe dry all the remaining moisture off your grates. Unlike stainless steel grates, cast iron grates do need a little more care. … If your cooktop has too much of an imbalance in temperature, you end up with food that is cooked unevenly, which can undermine your dish as well as your health. Turn off the grill and season your grill again before your grill cools down. Here’s how to care for your cast-iron grill grates so you can keep grilling at your best. How to Season Cast Iron Grill Grates Rinse the grates to remove dust, and dry them with a clean towel. My stovetop grates before cleaning. Cleaning with Ammonia Fumes Measure the size of your grates. Methods of seasoning cast iron grates. Cleaning Cast Iron Grates. Cast iron grills conduct heat beautifully for cooking. How to Clean Grill Grates With Oven Cleaner. So, in two words you can call me a BBQ lover. You should clean cast iron grill grates … How to Use an Electric Smoker? If you leave the grates outdoors during the winter or don't use them for long periods of time, they may become rusty or grow mildew. This way your cast iron will stay clean and shiny! In this video I explain how I stripped the rust and seasoning off my old cast iron grates and seasoned them. Once the crud has all broken down, rinse the cast iron and follow it up with a wash in soapy water. It can withstand all kinds of punishment, but it cannot withstand water, the natural enemy of cast iron. The condition of grill grates has a large impact on the flavor and comfort of cooking on a grill which is why I suggest to clean it regularly ( preferably before or after each cooking ). Cast iron grill grates used on outdoor gas or charcoal grills need proper seasoning and regular care. Such measure protects your grates … Cleaning cast iron grill grates is one of the most significant ways of maintaining your grill and ultimately increasing its lifespan. A great way to clean stove grates for a gas stove (no pun intended!) Why are my cast iron cooking grates rusting? How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates. Use a paper towel or washcloth to dry the grates and remove the remaining grease. How to Smoke a Brisket on a Charcoal Grill. The heat retaining properties of cast iron makes it easy to produce impressive, bold sear marks on whatever it is you may be cooking. Still, an uncoated cast iron grill that is properly maintained will last many, many years. They are just as effective, and it removes all danger, so just seems logical to me that I should. Take it easy on the marinades … Convert a flat top into a high quality grill surface. Enter your email address to subscribe to receive new posts by email. We use Ezoic to provide personalization and analytic services on this website, as such Ezoic’s privacy policy is in effect and can be reviewed here. Have you ever cooked with a cast iron grill grate in your backyard? It's very important to clean and season the grates of your cast iron grill after each use. How to Season Cast Iron Grill Grates. Why? No, this is not a thing. The longer your cast iron grill grates (or pans) sit, the harder it will be to clean them. GrillGrates will season quickly like a cast iron skillet. Cleaning grates of cast iron The grates of cast iron require special attention and care because they have a tendency to rust or corrode. Wait until the grates are cool to wash them; they're safer to handle, and they … Once you’ve finished cooking and removed your food, open all vents if using charcoal, or turn up your grill to high if using gas and then close the lid to allow the grill to get hot. If your grill has a lot of rust and/or baked on crud and you don’t think any of the above methods will work for you, then oven cleaner is the be-all end-all way of stripping all your cast iron down to bare metal. This brush is your savior, it is known as the beast of brushes, hard yet … My family members especially my mother was a great fan of grilled dishes to and from the love of food. The same could be said for any cast iron seasoning method. How to Use an Offset Smoker Properly – Explained in Step by Step. Similar to cast iron cookware, cast iron grates require a lot of upkeep and should not be exposed to a lot of moisture. The Best Grill Smoker Combo Reviews of 2020 (Top 10 Picks), 10 Best Electric Smokers Under $200 in 2020. Then let the grates cool and scrub them with the nylon cleaning brush. If you have a lot of rust on your grill, you may have to take more drastic measures than simply cleaning with soap and steel wool or soaking in vinegar. I’ve been using Crisbee for about 6 months now, and my pans have never looked better! The answer may surprise you. A cast iron grill with a porcelain enamel coating is easier to clean and protects the metal from rusting. How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates – Overview. You’re looking to apply a thin film, not coat your grates heavily. This method is great for casual cleaning and for an annual deep clean. How to Use a Propane Smoker in Just 8 Steps – Super Easy! Blackened surfaces are part of the seasoning process. Personally, I still do use a bristle brush, but I paid for higher quality ones that don’t ever seem to shed bristles, and I make sure every time to wipe down the grates and inspect them for any bristles. © 2020 Food Fire Friends, All rights reserved. Made from bees wax, soybean & palm oil, it’s specifically designed for seasoning cast iron. However, I have so many cast iron grates: Some for the KJ classic, for the big joe, for my weber kettles, a plancha for the weber kettles, one for my go anywhere…and a few more besides. Season Your Grates After Cleaning – This is Essential! You need to know that cast-iron grill grates love oil. They’re also able to retain an even heat during cooking and produce fantastic grill marks on your food. To season the grates, use the guide How to Season Cast Iron Grates and Burners. Ways to clean porcelain coated cast iron grill grates differ from those for other grill grates because even small chips can ruin the grate forever. And rub cast-iron grill grates with a light coating of vegetable oil. >Discover more here. I used to just give my grates a wipe with oil when I was finished, then put them into storage. is to soak them in your sink with a bit of dishwashing liquid. A sure-fire way that’s been used to clean cast iron for years is to simply run it through your ovens self-clean cycle. One way to take good care of your cast iron grates is laying down a coat of vegetable oil before every cook, and one afterwards. How To Season A Smoker And Grill I might be missing a trick and am always looking to learn . CLEAN … Clean them as little as possible during the first several uses to allow seasoning to take place. However, just as cast iron pots and pans can rust in your home, cast iron grill grates can also become rusty and unusable if not properly cleaned and stored. Once you’ve burned off your food, you can either close your vents to extinguish your charcoal (which can be reused,) or turn off your gas to allow the grill to cool to a point where it’s comfortable to put your hand in to clean. You should do so outside. Be sure to let the cast iron cool down to safe levels, but still warm. Many of our grills come with porcelain enameled cast iron (PECI) cooking grates and they are incredibly popular. Pit Boss vs Traeger Grills: Which one is the best for the money? Steps 1. Rust on your grill isn’t exactly appetizing, nor ideal. If your cast iron grates are not porcelain-coated, the soak time is minimal; this ensures little chance of rust once you dry them. To make your work easier, clean your grates immediately after grilling. Only lazy people say that. Heat (an oven or gas grill) Stiff plastic brush; Steps to Season the Burners and Grates: Start by thoroughly cleaning the cast iron grates and burners with water and a stiff brush. Fortunately, cleaning a rusty grill grates is relatively easy. Basics and Operation Explained! It's very important to clean and season the grates of your cast iron grill after each use. Before you start, assemble all required materials: In a well-ventilated area, spray an even coating on your grates, place them inside garbage bags, and seal the bags air tight. Masterbuilt vs Bradley Electric Smokers: Choosing the Optimum One, Best BBQ Smokers To Buy in 2020: Cheap and Budget Friendly, Best Drum Smokers: Top 10 Recommended by Experts, Best Commercial Smokers Review of 2020 [Top 7 Picks with Buyer’s Guide], Best Smoker for Beginners in 2020 [Must Read Before You Buy], 7 Best Propane Gas Smokers For The Money in 2020. Tip: If you … Mild soap is effective in removing grease and other substances that produce stubborn odor. You don’t want any moisture left behind because that will cause rust to come back again very quickly, even as quick as overnight. Just like for cast iron pans, the important thing for cleaning cast iron grates is that you never want to submerge them in liquid of any kind because it can lead to rust. SmokeGears is supported by it’s readers. A lot of skillets have them as well. In more detail, what is the exact issue you are experiencing? So nowadays, after I have finished grilling, I remove my grates and allow them to cool and close down the vents a bit to reduce the heat, then use the lower remaining heat in the grill to re-season the grates before putting them away. COOKING GRATES. A grill brush with nylon bristles is always the best tool to use for scrubbing porcelain grill grates. How about you, what kind of grill grates do you own? Here’s how to care for your cast-iron grill grates so you can keep grilling at your best. Cast iron grill grates age over time and need proper care to stay in good condition. Learn how to clean cast iron to prevent food from sticking and the cast iron from rusting.

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