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This is the reducer at the tip of the kontiki, it reduces the main 100mm body down to 90mm. Hall of Fame. SeaHorse 46 Electric Winch Package - Free Delivery. - If you buy from one of our retail partners, please complete the warranty form and return it to us. Seahorse™ offers the best back up service and support available, and we will help resolve any issues you have with your Seahorse™ products. The smooth body design enables it to slice through the waves with minimal resistance, maximising the distance it travels. Bringing a new level of ease and simplicity to kontiki fishing The Seahorse GPS 46 Electric Kontiki is the only kontiki that goes where you point It! The stoppers are 2m apart and you are supplied with 120 on the mainline, giving you plenty of extras. I intend to sell these as a whole or just the parts so please email me if you are interested: mark@markssupplies.com Seahorse Electric Kontiki. The handle is longer and balanced with or without batteries, making it easier to carry. The body is the very streamlined to allow it to slide through the waves while staying balanced and level. The Seahorse™ Electric Winch is built tough to do the hard work in a harsh beach environment. The Mercury 46lb thrust motor swings a 3 blade prop that provides a massive amount of torque or pull. Strobe Light - $45.00. It's proper use is for storm water but it is perfect for the kontiki project. The low buoyancy shape allows the motor to pull the body and drive under the surf with unmatched performance. The motor frame is a clean and simple design and perfect for the job, and the flat bottom of the frame ensure the GPS Seahorse™ will stand and not fall over. There is also the sealed ON/OFF/PULSE switch giving you complete control. NZ $3,975.00. Free delivery for all online orders. We hope you will take the time to tell us by email >, I do not want to receive any correspondence from Seahorse, The Seahorse™ "clip & go" Traceboard with 26 traces. The stoppered line is then followed by 1600m of mainline to allow set-up of the Seahorse™ up to 1.9kms offshore. If you like our site then please click on the Facebook or Google + icons at the top right of this page, thank you. The GPS Seahorse™ Electric Pack is the ultimate beach fishing package. There is no need to adjust or allow for side currents, as the GPS Seahorse™ will do that for you. There are two connecting leads showing to attach the two batteries. SEAHORSE S30 Kontiki … The GPS Seahorse™ also have the patent protected Seahorse™ GPS Autopilot Control System. You will also be able to target specific areas of seabed to improve your catch. No-one else can do this. That means you don't have to adjust for side currents or worry about large waves knocking the kontiki off course. The low down position of the batteries ensures the Seahorse™ Kontiki is always stable and upright. This pipe was originally designed for storm water. Seahorse Kontiki USA. It comes complete with the O ring & is normally meant for storm water but although it is expensive it is also perfect for the kontiki project & fits snugly on the larger end of the reducer above. (SOE DWV SC SN6 100mm 200SN6.100.6.SOE). We have found millimetres make a difference. This is for two 40mm end caps for either end of the buoyancy tube shown in a pic at the top of this page. The Seahorse™ Winch is the most advanced beach longline fishing winch available. KENTIKI-Kontiki long hook line fishing parts-batteries-timers-electric motor-relay-light-sinker-trolley-carrier-steering device GPS auto pilot The GPS Seahorse™ body has been designed to get the rudder and the motor as far forward as possible to ensure the best possible directional stability. The fisher stays away from the pre-baited hooks that are automatically dispensed from the far end of the board. Seahorse Flag and Pole - from $25.00. Seahorse Twin 9ah Battery - To Suit Older Models The twin battery is two 9 ah batteries glued together, giving a total of 18 ah's. The powerful 150 watt motor will provide up to 50kg of pull. When then developed the system so you can use it on any beach in the world and it will go where you point it. With a local Tauranga Boys High student, as part of his technology course, we built a prototype to test the concept, and that highlighted many issues. Following proven yacht design principles, Seahorse™ has developed a balanced, hydro-dynamic shaped rudder that will work in the rough and tumble of surf, where control is needed. pouvez vous me dire ou peut-on trouver la commercialisation du produit en Europe je vous remercie (votre produit est magnifique). Once the time is set simply start the Seahorse™ motor by putting the magnet near the START switch. We also found the compass would keep the kontiki unit following a compass bearing and side currents would pull it along the beach. See picture at top of this page. With the summer season approaching I decided it was time to have a crack at building an electric Kontiki. A full 24 month warranty provides carefree operation and support. Used by Graeme Sinclair and Bill Hohepa, Derek the Chef, and thousands of New Zealanders - from Invercargill to Cape Reinga, - the Seahorse™ is the best kontiki unit you can buy. Hatch Seal (Replacement) - from $25.00. Seahorse Kontiki Full Replacement Line - Main line plus 120 Stoppers and Leader Line The Seahorse Kontiki Full Replacement Line is a 140kg line, reverse wound onto a plastic reel for ease of loading. The convenient two sided design reduces the size of the traceboard while maximising the spacing between hooks increasing baiting options. Medium speed has an overload thermal auto cut-out to protect the motor. The line consists of a 3m shock cord, followed by 150m of leader line. This enable the GPS Seahorse™ 46 to drag the line, baits and weights out through surf line and across side rips without the need for excessive speed. It is an ideal size for the kontiki project. The new body is a direct development of the very successful Standard Seahorse™ Kontiki body. When Seahorse™ decided to develop an autopilot kontiki unit we looked at the different means of controlling direction. It features a built-in automated GPS-controlled Autopilot System that steers your kontiki in the direction you want. It's the same with the busy East Coast Beaches. Seaharvester clips and longline hooks bring commercial know-how and techniques to recreational fishing. We then looked at using just a GPS unit, but there was no easy way of telling it where to go. The high performance 46lb thrust motor will attack massive West Coast surf and rips, allowing you to fish when others can't. The hatch seals over a large surface area of rubber seal. This line has a 1600m mainline, 250m stoppered section, 150m leader line and tow strop. This allows easy fitting and removal of the batteries, as it is now possible to put your hand into the Kontiki and hold the batteries as you insert or remove them. The hatch has a sealed stainless steel locking bolt, which cannot be over tightened. For me, the Seahorse offers proven performance and reliability (also, working in the tackle trade, I have sold over 200 of these to very satisfied customers! The motor and rudder is as far forward as possible, which is the best location for keeping the Kontiki … A full 24 month warranty provides carefree operation and support. New Zealand’s best long line electric kontiki models; Predator Auto Nav and Predator Super Steer. The strong aluminium motor guard frame protects the motor and the propeller so the kontiki can be launched in shallow water. The trolley has been designed so the Seahorse Electric winch fits neatly into its base without the need for any fasteners, while your … The sleek body allows the Seahorse™ Kontiki to be launched into very shallow water (knee deep or even less), as the body has no protruding apertures that can catch on the bottom and pull the unit off course.

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