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In January 2019, British parliamentarians and lawmakers sought access to eight detained female activists in Saudi Arabia. In this country, removing your clothes in public, whether behind a closed door is not allowed. Some examples of the importance of permission are: A situation where a male guardian (wali) is thought to have abused his power to approve his daughter's marriage for personal gain is a 2008 case were a father married off his eight-year-old daughter to a 47-year-old man to have his debts forgiven. She was highly appreciated by progressive Saudi minds and known as the first Saudi director in Bollywood. American chains such as Starbucks and Pizza Hut maintain separate eating areas; the men's areas are typically high-quality, whereas the women's are rundown or lack seats. 2015: Women Can Vote and Run for Office Saudi Arabia’s municipal elections in 2015 allowed women to vote and run for office for the first time. [223][224], In 2013 the Directorate General of Passports allowed Saudi women married to foreigners to sponsor their children, so that the children can have residency permits (iqamas) with their mothers named as the sponsors. While the anti-vice committee is active across the kingdom, it is particularly active in Riyadh, Buraydah and Tabuk. [153], Many of the laws controlling women apply to citizens of other countries who are relatives of Saudi men. My sister is a woman. Following the relaxation of the religious laws, women are no longer required to wear the abaya and hijab, they are however expected to wear decently in public. [163] Women have limited access to bus and train services. The state will aspire to strengthen family ties, maintain its Arab and Islamic values and care for all its members, and to provide the right conditions for the growth of their resources and capabilities. [199], Proving their identity in the court system was also a challenge for Saudi women, since in addition to ID cards, they could not own passports or driver's licenses. [225], Legally, children belong to their father, who has sole guardianship. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) elected Saudi Arabia to the U.N. Commission on the Status of W… Conservative cleric Mohsen al-Awajy says the country must resist secularization: "Saudi society is a special, tribal society, and neither King Abdullah or anyone else can impose his own interpretation of Islam. Princess Al-Faisal argues "The ultra-conservatives and the ultra-liberals both want the same thing, the destruction of the Islamic way. [155] A 2012 film Wadjda highlighted this issue. Misconceptions around women visitors in Saudi Arabia. Saudi women can now travel without the permission of a … ... therefore no woman will be employed without the explicit consent of her guardian. [94][95][96][97], Traditionally, women's clothing must not reveal anything about her body. If a divorce takes place, women may be granted custody of their young children until they reach the age of seven. Critics described the reform as far too slow, and often more symbolic than substantive. "[241] The government responded with stricter interpretations and enforcement of Islamic laws. Being a Muslim nation, the country is marked by significant religious sites including graveyards that house the remains of important people in the Muslim faith such as Prophet Mohammed. While these laws are expected to be obeyed by both male and female foreigners, there are a few laws that apply more to women. Women are allowed to work only in capacities in which they can serve women exclusively; there must be no contact or interaction with the opposite gender. [48][49][50][242][243][244], The government has made international commitments to women's rights. The law criminalizes psychological and sexual abuse, as well as physical abuse. (CNN) Women in Saudi Arabia will finally be allowed to hold passports and travel abroad without the consent of a male guardian, a policy shift that … Women cannot confer citizenship to children born to a non-Saudi Arabian father. Who is going to take responsibility for what she has gone through? Ownership of the woman is passed from the father or the brother to another man, the husband. The absurdity of the guardianship system, according to Huwaider, is shown by what would happen if she tried to remarry: "I would have to get the permission of my son. Many Saudis do not see Islam as the main impediment to women's rights. According to the World Bank, Saudi Arabia has made significant improvement since 2017, affecting mobility, sexual harassment, pensions and workplace rights. In 2013, the average age at first marriage among Saudi females was 25 years. For instance, all skin, except for the hands and face, must be concealed while in public. [172], In September 2011, a woman from Jeddah was sentenced to ten lashes by whip for driving a car. [60] However, in 2019, Saudi Arabia allowed women to travel abroad, register a divorce or a marriage, and apply for official documents without male guardian permission. Interact with men. Officials may demand the presence of a guardian if a woman cannot show an ID card or is fully covered. [34][35], Technology is a central part of higher education for women. "Look, we are not asking for ... women's rights according to Western values or lifestyles ... We want things according to what Islam says. In 2002, some school girls were burned to death because religious policemen did not allow them to flee the building as they did not wear a hijab. May 09, 2018 00:25. Newspapers were discouraged from publishing images of women; the Interior Ministry discouraged women from employment, including expatriates. [23] Moreover, new laws were issued on 1 August 2019, granting women the right to register a divorce or a marriage and apply for official documents without requiring their guardian's permission. Threats to chastity, in particular, are threats to the namus of the male guardian. [178], After being ill-treated while detained and facing more than an year’s delay in the start of her legal process, Loujain al-Hathloul along with other women’s rights activists will attend a hearing at the Saudi court on 12 February 2020. In … The United Nations criticized social attitudes and the system of male guardianship, which deter women from reporting crimes. [239], The Saudi women rights activists arrested in the crackdown of May 15, 2018, have been subjected to sexual violence and torture in the prison. The Ministry of Justice regulation aims to curb an ongoing issue of “secret divorces,” according to the BBC , which result when men divorce their wives without telling them. Male guardianship is closely related to namus (or "sharaf" in a Bedouin context), roughly translated as "honor." Thankfully, as part of Vision 2030, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman initiated a new system that has opened tourism in Saudi Arabia in a great way. [159], The UN Human Rights Office said, "The decision to allow women in Saudi Arabia to drive is a first major step towards women's autonomy and independence, but much remains to be done to deliver gender equality in the Kingdom. Dimah Talal Alsharif. My mother is a woman. [158] The ban was lifted on 24 June 2018, with more than 120,000 women applying for licenses on that day. As evidence, they cite restrictions on travel, fields of study, choice of profession, access to the courts, and political speech. [110] In recent years, the Labor Ministry has banned the employment of men or non-Saudi women in lingerie and other stores where women's garments and perfumes are sold. 'I can't believe I'm driving in Saudi Arabia' Five thing Saudi women still can't do In Saudi culture, the Sharia is interpreted according to a strict Sunni Islam form known as the way of the Salaf (righteous predecessors) or Wahhabism. Driving a car may lead women to go out of the house more often. Women were not allowed to vote in the country's first municipal elections, although Abdullah supported a woman's right to drive and vote. This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 19:48. [184], To support working women, the Saudi government has launched ‘Wusool’ program that provides transportation services to the Saudi working ladies. [180][181] May 15, 2020, marks two years of arrest and detention of Loujain. [213] The maximum punishments can be doubled for repeat offenders. In 2013, Saudi women were first allowed to ride bicycles, although only around parks and other "recreational areas. The authorities have since last year allowed their women to travel abroad without a guardian as well as participate in sports activities. [253] Yasminah Elsaadany, a non-Saudi woman who held several managerial positions in multinational organisations in the pharmaceutical industry during 2011–2014, contacted the Saudi Labor Minister, Adel Fakeih, and his consultants during 2010–2013. In 2008, two women were elected to the board of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [261], In January 2019, the Saudi justice ministry approved a new law that would not allow men to secretly divorce their wives without informing them. King commented: As with Saudi Arabia, white-ruled South Africa viewed external criticism as a violation of its sovereignty and interference with its internal affairs. [53], Five hundred Saudi women attended a 2006 lecture in Riyadh that did not support loosening traditional gender roles and restrictions. Saudi Arabia granted women the right to drive one year ago, a historic move that cracked open a window to new freedoms for women who have long lived under repressive laws… Pamela Bone argues feminist apathy is supported by "the dreary cultural relativism that pervades the thinking of so many of those once described as on the Left. Dimah Talal Alsharif. She questions why American civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson were active in protesting South Africa's racial apartheid, but American feminists rarely venture beyond reproductive rights when discussing international politics: "Until this changes, it will be hard to mount a campaign, in the manner of the anti-apartheid movement, to enforce sanctions or codes of conduct for people doing business there. Women in Saudi Arabia are now happy and hopeful for changes in women's rights in the Kingdom, i24News reported during a series of interviews with Saudi women. [82], In 2019, Saudi government's web application Absher received a severe backlash and demands of removal from the app stores of Apple and Google by the international communities and human rights organizations, including US Rep. Katherine Clark and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who called the app a "patriarchal weapon". It also includes a provision obliging employees to report instances of abuse in the workplace to their employer. Classes are taught in English. The degree of compliance between government commitments and practice is disputed. Wearing the abaya in public became mandatory. Mutaween have some law enforcement powers, including the power to detain Saudis or foreigners living in the kingdom for doing anything deemed to be immoral. The ultra conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive countries in the world and has long been criticised for imposing some of the toughest restrictions on women. One of the restrictions in the Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia is that women cannot apply and get a passport and travel outside the country without the approval of their male guardian. If a man denied that the woman in court was his mother or sister, "the man's word would normally be taken," making a woman vulnerable to things like false claims to her property and violation of her rights to inheritance if she fell out of favor with her family.[199]. Saudi; Saudi Arabia Changes Women's Dress Rules Saudi's Crown Prince Changes the Rules For Women Again, and This Time, It Means Everything For Fashion. Decent clothing is all you need. [207] Polyandry is forbidden. Employment for women has a number of restrictions under Saudi law and culture. It also carries connotations of modesty and respectability. There is no prohibition against spousal or statutory rape. Conservative clerics have successfully rebuffed attempts to outlaw child marriage. The tradition of sex segregation in professional life is used to justify restricting women's fields of study. Roughly 25% of college-aged young women do not attend college, and in 2005–2006, women had a 60% dropout rate. Text alerts, sent by the Saudi authorities, enable many guardians to catch women before they actually escape. According to a statement by Loujain al-Hathloul’s family, the court referred her case to the Specialized Criminal Court for terrorism and national security cases. Women are expected to stay in the family area in restaurants while men have their own area. Of all female university graduates in 2007, 93% had degrees in education or social sciences. For many women, the dress code is a part of the right to modesty that Islam guarantees women. It was much more difficult for women to enter the kingdom since they couldn’t be allowed to enter on their own. Thoraya Obeid was named deputy chairwoman of the Human Rights and Petitions Committee; Zainab Abu Talib, deputy chairwoman of the Information and Cultural Committee; and Lubna Al Ansari, deputy chairwoman of the Health Affairs and Environment Committee. According to Princess Al-Faisal, Saudi women are better off than Western women in some ways: "their property is inviolable and that men have a duty to look after them." [165], Critics rejected the ban on driving on the grounds that: it caused violation of gender segregation customs by needlessly forcing women to take taxis with male drivers or ride with male chauffeurs; it was an inordinate financial burden on families, causing the average woman to spend half her income on taxis; it impeded the education and employment of women, both of which tend to require commuting; male drivers have been a frequent source of complaints of sexual harassment; and the public transport system is widely regarded as unreliable and dangerous. They will also be allowed to run as candidates. Compared to the rest of the world, however, the Kingdom offers women very little freedom and autonomy. [101] Journalist Sabria Jawhar dismisses Huwaider as a show-off: "The problem with some Saudi activists is that they want to make wholesale changes that are contrary to Islam, which requires a mahram for traveling women. [110] Some jobs taken by women in almost every other country were reserved for men in Saudi Arabia. [260] Reportedly, she has been subjected to various forms of torture, including whipping, beating, electrocution and sexual harassment. [39][43][48], The government under King Abdullah was considered reformist. The violence against women includes all forms of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse or threats of it. [54] Some Saudi female advocates of government reform reject foreign criticism of Saudi limitations upon rights, for "failing to understand the uniqueness of Saudi society. [133] Some fields, such as law and pharmacy, are beginning to open up for women. more than 1300 in 2018. It should not resemble the clothing of men (or non-Muslims). Such licenses had not been issued to women, making it effectively illegal for women to drive. "[48] She says that Westerners do not understand Saudi culture and how potentially traumatic change can be: "People had lived their whole lives doing one thing and believing one thing, and suddenly the King and the major clerics were saying that mixing was O.K. Here are the Rules for working Women in Saudi Arabia: Suitable place must be provided for Women employees to perform prayers and take rest in companies Women Employees who are working in industrial areas should be working only till 6 PM Women should be entitles to safe and decent clothing in production line [15][33][190][191] Although King Abdullah was no longer alive at the time of the 2015 municipal elections, women were allowed to vote and stand as candidates for the first time in the country's history. However, this is just another misconception, as long as you have a valid international driving license you will be allowed to rent a car. Most religious authorities have justified the marriage of girls as young as nine and boys as young as fifteen. "Women ... will be notified of any changes to their marital status via text message. In 1979, the Islamic Revolution in Iran led to a resurgence of fundamentalism in many parts of the Islamic world. [52] However, this was directly contradicted by a 2007 Gallup poll which found that 66% of Saudi women and 55% of Saudi men agreed that women should be allowed to drive. Women in the kingdom will be able to view documents related to the termination of their marriage contracts through the ministry’s website," the justice ministry said. The same goes for bathing in swimming pools and public beaches. When women study, they compete with the men for jobs. At the higher levels, males have better research facilities. Here are some other milestones women in the Islamic kingdom have reached over the years. The World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Saudi Arabia 141 out of 144 countries for gender parity, down from 134 out of 145 in 2015. "[160] Human rights expert Philip Alston and the UN Working Group on discrimination of women encouraged the Saudi regime to demonstrate reform by repealing discriminatory laws contrary to its obligation so to ensure substantive equality of women in law and in practice. Although she did not wear a crop top and short skirt, she was still arrested.[104]. The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qur'an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.The sources of Sharia also include Islamic scholarly consensus developed after Muhammad's death. [15] In 2011, there were more female university graduates in Saudi Arabia than male,[16] and female literacy was estimated to be 91%, which while still lower than male literacy, was far higher than 40 years earlier. [166][167][168], On 6 November 1990, 47 Saudi women, with valid licenses issued in other countries, drove the streets of Riyadh in protest of the ban on Saudi women drivers. [255][256], A royal decree passed in May 2017 gave women access to government services such as education and healthcare without the need for the consent of a male guardian. As one woman put it: In Saudi Arabia, we live more of a virtual life than a real life. [34][47] The subsequent September 11 attacks against the World Trade Center in 2001, on the other hand, are often viewed as precipitating cultural change away from strict fundamentalism. The Saudi delegation to the United Nations International Women's Year conference in Mexico City in 1975 and the Decade for women conference in Nairobi in 1985, was made up entirely of men.[111]. While the Labor Minister Al-Qusaibi stressed the need for women to stay at home, he also stated that "there is no option but to start [finding] jobs for the millions of women" in Saudi Arabia. Namus is a common feature of many different patriarchal societies. The tournament hosted Barcelona, Valencia, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid as the four participants. Saudi Arabia has announced that women will soon be allowed to obtain a driver's licence without the permission of a legal guardian. In 2001, a small number of ID cards were issued for women who had the permission of their mahram. Gender segregation was relaxed, but remained the norm. [205] In 2016 it was announced that, according to a directorate issued by the justice minister, Walid al-Samaani, clerics who register marriage contracts would have to hand a copy to the bride "to ensure her awareness of her rights and the terms of the contract. [78], Every year, more than 1,000 women try to flee Saudi Arabia, excluding cases which are unrecorded due to family-shaming. I believe the day will come when women will drive. Seven European human rights ambassadors criticized Saudi Arabia on Sunday over the continued detention of at least five women's rights activists, including Loujain al … They are applied according to the customs and understanding of particular officials and institutions (hospitals, police stations, banks, etc.). During the late 20th and early 21st centuries, women's rights in Saudi Arabia have been severely limited in comparison to the rights of women in many of its neighboring countries due to the strict interpretation and application of sharia law. [106] This policy started in 2005 when the Ministry announced a policy of staffing lingerie shops with women. According to one female journalist: "If the Quran does not address the subject, then the clerics will err on the side of caution and make it haram (forbidden). [186][187], In 2013 three women were named as deputy chairpersons of three committees. He called the kingdom's control over women "abhorrent". In a 2009 case, a father vetoed several of his daughter's attempts to marry outside their tribe, and sent her to a mental institution as punishment. [155], Sameera Aziz is the first Saudi media personality who aimed to make a Bollywood film after opening her production house in Bollywood. However, the culture in this country can be surprising for female tourists who visit for the first time. [198], At age 1, Saudi men are issued identity cards they were required to carry at all times. Human Rights Watch has documented the impact of such laws and policies on the lives of women in its 2016 report, “Boxed In: Women and Saudi Arabia’s Male … [185], In May 2018, activist Loujain Al-Hathloul was arrested by the Saudi authorities for raising voice against kingdom's male guardianship system and women's rights to drive. According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), adult women must obtain permission from a male guardian to travel, marry, or exit prison. The divorce was initiated by her half-brother using his powers as her male guardian, who alleged that his half-sister's husband was from a tribe of a low status compared to the status of her tribe and that the husband had failed to disclose this when he first asked for Fatima's hand. "[278], On 15 October 2020, UK-based rights advocacy group Amnesty International urged the participants of Women20 summit to demand Riyadh for the release of imprisoned women's rights activists. Earlier, she went on a hunger strike in August for six days, demanding a few visits from her parents to see her at the Al-Ha'ir prison. [30], In 2020, Saudi Arabia was ranked as a top reformer on women’s rights at work. [259] She has been kept in solitary confinement, denied access to medical care, legal advice or visits from family members. Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are growing. Being a strict Muslim nation, Saudi Arabia has been known to have strict regulations for women both residents and tourists. Marrying outside the tribe is also grounds for limiting women's inheritance. In August 2005, a court in the northern part of Saudi Arabia ordered the divorce of a 34-year-old mother of two (named Fatima Mansour) from her husband, Mansur, even though they were happily married and her father (now deceased) had approved the marriage. Saudi Arabia scored 70.6 out of 100 in this year’s World Bank report on Women, Business and the Law, placing it first among Gulf Cooperation Council and second in … Who decides what is licit in Islam? And I hope that every woman that remains fighting for her rights receives them soon. Older children are often awarded to the father or the paternal grandparents. (Most working women, however, out of necessity and practicality travel to work without a male relative and are alone with a driver. She used the occasion to advocate for economic equality:[245]. [90] Male lecturers are not allowed to lecture at women's classes. "[36], Arguments in favour of faster change and more activism include those of Sumayya Jabarti, editor of the Arab News. However, government officials told the United Nations that there is no contradiction with Islam. All Saudi men and women must obtain a permission to marry a non-Saudi Muslim before marriage (nikkah). She also says the "lack of modesty" in the West is "bad for the children." Jabarti says there are too many women with decision-making power who are like "queen bees," doing nothing to question the status quo. My vision is of a country with a prosperous and diversified economy in which any Saudi citizen, irrespective of gender who is serious about finding employment, can find a job in the field for which he or she is best qualified, leading to a thriving middle class and in which all Saudi citizens, residents or visitors to the country feel safe and can live in an atmosphere where mutual respect and tolerance exist among all, regardless of their social class, religion or gender.

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