how to build golf clubs from components

Let’s assume that you are making these clubs from scratch using just the components (nothing put together yet). You can buy all the components from one place like GolfWorks or Golfsmith, or shop around on eBay. GolfDiscount.com was founded in 1995 with the goal of becoming the premier destination for online Golf Clubs. GEEK GOLF - Components & Custom Clubs BRAND NEW! Club manufacturers must fit the "average" player, so off-the-rack clubs may not be right for you. Helpful. You can use the same swing and ball position with every iron and on every shot for a stunning improvement in your ball striking ability. 4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to understand. Back in the "old days," as the expression goes, golfers who wanted to customize an OEM golf club had far fewer options than they do today. Building customized golf clubs is not as difficult as it sounds, and with a little experimentation you may be able to create clubs that are perfect for your game. The GolfWorks is the leader in golf club components and accessories. It has a long shaft with a grip on one end and a weighted head on the other end. Not absolutely necessary, but there is a good chance that youll get epoxy on these and you want them to look professional. Home; New Arrivals; Brands; Featured; Sale; About; Help; Support; Order Status; $0. You can spend anywhere from a few dollars a head to a few hundred, so you might want to start off cheap before going to an expensive set. In fact, all other things being equal, we would put our clone clubs up against any pro line club out there. TIP: warm up the plastic ferrules with a heat gun to soften them up, otherwise it will near impossible to get them up the shaft. Please contact us at Customer Service with questions or comments. Our Club Component Kits make the ordering easy because each kit includes pre-selected shafts, grips & all necessary supplies. The following information is prepared for the novice hickory player who requires general guidelines for building his/her first set of hickory clubs. Components are quite sophisticated and even adjustable on the fly. Of course, being the techie that I am, I drool over the latest and greatest clubs. It is available in either a spray can or liquid, I prefer the spray, - Tubing cutter for steel shafts or hacksaw with a fine blade for graphite shafts, - Dremel or other rotary tool with sanding drum, - Masking tape, small wooden stick, paper towels, sharpie marker, - The GolfWorks catalog (www.golfworks.com). Having a hand tool background for furniture making has been helpful for understanding general important concepts such as grain direction that are applicable to making golf clubs. Line up the marks, clean up the excess epoxy and set the club on a cardboard box. You might want to check out my Instructable on making tapered vice jaws, they would work great on the tapered shafts for golf clubs. Making your own clubs allows you to custom fit them to your swing. Golf Clubs » Club Repair & Components; Building Golf Clubs By Bill Herrfeldt. If you're looking for Golf Equipment online, compare us to other authorized online golf retailers. We know that individual brand-name clubs can cost a pretty penny. We sell golf club heads, golf shafts, golf grips, shafting epoxy, grip tape, grip solvent and the like to build custom golf clubs, reshafting and regripping your golf clubs. We keep the cost low, and our service is legendary. The shafting epoxy is a two part product. Each Do-It-Yourself Kit contains exactly all parts to build a club without unnecessary left overs. A detailed article on how to put new grips on golf clubs can be found here (How to Re-Grip a Golf Club), so I will skim over this section. Our unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed us to expand our online offerings to include Golf Accessories, Clothing and so much more! For me, every trip to the hardware store or to various tool supply shops has me finding another small tool or bit to help make things just a bit easier. How to build your own golf driver? It is amazing how strong the stuff is. The OEM Label Is Less Important Today . Search Domain . Verified Purchase. Take our 3 minute fitting quiz and we’ll find you the perfect custom club TAKE FIT QUIZ. Its OK to go into the tape a little bit, it will be covered by the ferrule later. Iron club heads are attached using a strong adhesive. 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars. Determine the proper length of your clubs and cut the shafts accordingly using your tubing cutter or saw. Sticks & Stones Component Clubs: Some assembly required . Instructions. Golf Clubs; Shafts & Components; Covers & Tools; Apparel; Trade-In; CT Retail; Popular Brands. GolfDiscount.com was founded in 1995 with the goal of becoming the premier destination for online Golf Clubs. Make a smooth wrap with the tape or you might have trouble putting the grip on. If you are a high handicapper (15+) or don't even know what a handicap is, you will definitely want to buy "game improvement" iron heads with a fairly large cavity. 8 will make you a 4-SW set. How To Build Golf Clubs. I assembled the shafts and grips with the logos such that I dont see them when addressing the ball. .370 shafts for .370 hosel bore on the heads). Unfortunately, the best clubs are hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a set of irons. If you ever wanted to make your own golf club, all you need to do is gather the right components and put them together. Share it with us! Golf Club Components. Until recently, the only choice you had in grips was the grip that felt like tape wrapped around the club shaft--or the standard green- or white-colored grips with ridges running down the sides. With the amount shown I was able to assemble my whole set. 8 years ago No matter left hand or right, blade or combo, choose the brand you love and build a clone golf club for less. Golf has evolved greatly since it was invented in the 15th century, and so has club making. Remember that the longer the shaft of your club, the more power you generate with greater distance. But you can spend a lot less for them if you make your own. Learn how to build your very own golf club. Step 1a (Steel Shaft Tip Trimming) Use a Golf Shaft Cutter to cut the shaft per the recommended tip trimming instructions. If making a wood, decide between a metal wood or a standard wood. S. Thompson. Simply follow these instructions to get your golf club built. Remember that club length is not the same as the shaft length, since the shaft will go into the club head anywhere from 1 to 1.5 and different club heads will be of different heights. As evidenced from my Instructables, I've been into …. Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2007. info@pacificgolfclubs.com (844) 443-8197 *NEW* Credit Card processing available!! Shop Now Fairway . Don't touch them for at least 24hrs! Monark Golf Clubmaking Kits are great for the occasional clubmaker. Bing; Yahoo; Google; Amazone; Wiki; How to build golf clubs from components. If you are actually doing a club repair these steps can be followed also. Thoroughly wet both the inside of the grip and the tape on the shaft with the spray solvent, don't be afraid of using too much. The solvent dries quickly so if you don't use a lot of solvend and don't go fast, youll end up with the grip stuck halfway onto the shaft and youll be forced to cut it off and start over. In the end you'll have a set of custom clubs that you'll be happy to talk about and use as the reason for your great (or poor) performance on the course. Club heads. Hireko Golf specializes in custom fit golf equipment, golf components, golf accessories and golf technical information. If you are over 6' or under 5'8" you should go longer or shorter to match your height. Our custom golf clubs are hand crafted by trained industry veterans and our quality control is unparalleled! There are lots of books and online resources which tell you which type of irons, shafts and grips are best for you so I wont get into it here. GOLF CLUB HEAD COMPONENTS - Find Large Selection of Golf Club Heads Here at Pacific Golf Clubs. Golf components and custom golf clubs are our specialty at ValueGolf.com. With the price of golf clubs going through the roof, many people now are making their own clubs. This is great for woods and long irons, but when you need more control with clubs such as middle irons and wedges, you need a shorter shaft. World Golf: Component Clubs: Some assembly required. It was originally written by Ralph Livingston III and has been refined and edited by Jim Davis. Resist temptation and dont touch them for 24 hrs! The head is affixed sideways at a sharp angle to the shaft, and the striking face of the head is inclined to give the ball a certain amount of upward trajectory. You can save a bunch of money this way since there is not much you can do to mess up a shaft. In the end you'll have a set of custom clubs that you'll be happy to talk about and use as the reason for your great (or poor) performance on the course. Today, club heads are attached using glue or, if you want to make your club head interchangeable, you can use screws to attach the club head. I've found great sets of heads on eBay for a fraction of their retail value. We'd Love to Hear From You. Grips, Shafts, Heads, Custom Clubs, Clubmaking Tools and Supplies, Golf Balls and more. A steel shaft is more rigid and offers more control, but a graphite shaft offers more movement in the club--which results in greater distance. Sure, you can buy used but youll can still shell out $500 for a used set of Callaway or Taylormade irons that may or may not suit you. By Kiel Christianson, Senior Writer. BOSTON (March 22, 2004) - "I'm not much of a handyman," admits Carrick Williams, high-teen handicapper and amateur club-builder. Difficulty: Moderately Easy. Custom Made Golf clubs are no more expensive than big brand named clubs bought off the rack, because you do not have to foot the bill for expensive advertisements as used by the OEM brands. Here are 10 best golf clubs sets reviewed to ease your selection. The epoxy will also get all over everything if youre not careful so have the paper towels handy. Read more. George N. Root III began writing professionally in 1985. Now take all the money you saved and take some lessons! 60-70% of golfers have irons that do not fit them. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to use an existing club for reference. GigaGolf's manufacturer direct distribution model means our customers get unparalleled value for their investment. Basic clubmaking is fairly straightforward. Also, only cut from the butt end, not the tip since cutting the tip will affect the stiffness of the shaft. Yes, you might not find all the clubs that match your gameplay, but they are quite good to start off. Do not use a tubing cutter for graphite shafts! Use the chart to determine the length of your 5-iron. Use the following chart to determine the length of your 5-iron. Unlike a golf bag where you are limited to 14 clubs, your build shop is only limited to the amount of space you have (and your budget). Step 1: Prepare your club head This is one of the most important ste Our unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed us to expand our online offerings to include Golf Accessories, Clothing and so much more! If you're looking for Golf Equipment online, compare us to other authorized online golf retailers. The rules of golf allow a player to carry up to 14 different clubs, and each one is designed for a specific situation during the game. A golf club shaft is made up of steel or graphite. We are the premier online suppliers of golf club components, including iron heads, driver heads, shafts, grips, clubmaking supplies and other parts for sale. Very interesting Instructable, being a golf nut as well, I find this very interesting and will likely give it a try. These clubs have evolved over the years, but they continue to incorporate a denser club head mass than the other lines to maximize ball compression. What components are a gold club comprised of? Search Email. Besides, you will have a set that is right for your game, which will translate into lower scores. Golf Club-Making Components By George N. Root III . I'll try to post more pics this weekend. Line up the grip the way you want it and QUICKLY push the grip all the way onto the shaft. Geek Golf DOT COM THIS 551 - THE HOT VERSION- Too HOT for the USGA! You can wipe the epoxy off when it is still wet, but it will damage the ferrules so I just tape them. The first thing you need to build your own club is a club head. The more rigid the shaft on your club, the better control you have. Many people are starting to use the thicker grips because they are comfortable, but experiment to see which grips really work for you. How to build your own golf clubs. You can make any kind of club you want, but if your clubs are not within the regulations of the United States Golf Association, you are using illegal clubs and your rounds won't count toward your handicap numbers and you can't use your clubs in tournaments. When you set out to buy a new set of golf clubs, you will soon realize that you can spend $1,000 or more for top-of-the-line models. Comment Report abuse. Let’s put it this way; I have a lot of LED flashlights and finishing tools lying around. "Component clubs" refers to golf clubs for which the individual pieces are purchased separately, then assembled into a golf club by the golfer (or assembled for the golfer by a clubfitter). Not only are they saving a lot of money, they are also able to fit themselves and their games, which translate to lower scores. I'm one of those people that can't leave well enough alone so I'll inevitably take things apart and modify them to suit my needs. I am in the midst of making a set of circa 1870 golf clubs. It assumes the reader has a basic or introductory experience with hickory golf. Root has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the State University of New York, Buffalo. The actual process of building a golf club or golf driver is fairly simple. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales . Callaway; TaylorMade; Ping; Cobra; Titleist; Adams; Cleveland; FootJoy; Greyson; Peter Millar; View All; Info 222 Murphy Road Hartford, CT 06114 United States of America Call us at (860) 656-6868 Subscribe to our newsletter. HE golf bug has bitten me again. Just imagine how your game will improve when your #3 and #4 irons are as easy to hit as your wedges. Monark Golf is offering quality golf components to clubmakers at discount prices. 8 shafts (graphite or steel, your choice). Once cut, mark each shaft with a piece of masking tape so that you dont accidentally put the 4 head onto your Pitching Wedge shaft. Each larger/shorter iron differs by 1/2 inch. So, after quite a bit of research and shopping on eBay, Ive built a high-end set of irons made specifically for me for about the same price as a cheap Walmart set. Once you install the heads onto the shafts and have cleaned off the excess epoxy, lay down the club somewhere with the head hanging off the side. Comment Report abuse. Hireko has serviced the golf … I wanted an expensive set but didnt want to pay the $$ so I bought a set of Taylormade pullouts off eBay for $60. Golf Galaxy might not have the retail footprint of its parent, Dick’s Sporting Goods, but they more than make up for it with specificity: as its name implies, the store and online retail site offers all things golf, including custom golf clubs, complete sets, and a full array of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. bam-351. Clone golf clubs of your favorite brand name clubs play just like the real thing. (no one uses a  3-iron anymore). Next, test fit your club head and mark how far the shat goes into the head with a piece of tape. Although there is no one standard, most factory irons are made for the average American. Use your Dremel tool to sand the shaft tip until you see bare metal. The wood club heads used to be attached to the staff using some glue and a wrap of tightly wound string.

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