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Beyond that, everything is completely unique to the individual. I had that problem initially with my wash and gos. I wash in four braids and with each section I finger detangle with coconut oil and gel. Plus, I’ve noticed a MAJOR reduction in SSKs (WIN!). Making sure your hair is dry is probably the most important step in achieving a great wash and go. I like wash and gos but my hair is on the dry side. I like to use my Q‑Redew for moisture, or a refresher spray like Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling, or Ella’s Concoctions Juicy Nectar Spritzer. I need my hair to be as thick as possible. I can go a least 3 more days like that. with that said though, last week i experimented with putting my hair in loose, loose twists, about six or so of them, so as not to disrupt the curls but at the same… Read more ». My hair has retained lots of length(probably owing to the leave-in conditioner) and it’s extremely healthy. Here are some tips to help guide you: 1. Some folks rely on... 2. The wash and go seems to be the bane of the natural’s existence. 15 inches of hair for me would fall almost at MBL. Cleanse – In order to achieve a wash and go you have to style on freshly washed hair. Hi Lauryn! This last year with only the wash and go I have a net growth of about 5″ and I did cut it 3 times during that time. Use these tips to wake up to beautiful curls in the morning: Add Moisture if Needed after 3 years, and at 15 inches, i was so sad, so what did i do differently, wash and go! No retwisting at night... and more time to sleep! I have had two different regimens… I was natural for 2 years and most of what I did was wash n go’s and then as my hair got really long I changed to braid outs and wigs…i found that ny hair retained length but not as much length as now after doing a 2nd BC I have protective styled 90% if the time.wearing my hair away m‑f and out on ss with washes being every 2 weeks. I use a combination of raking and smoothing to achieve definition. Here are some of my tips for achieving a long lasting wash and go: 1. My son has hair that’s identical- tiny little circles smaller than a pen spring. You guys are wonderful! After reading post and comments I realized maybe I haven’t been using enough products or evenly distributing throughout my hair. I don't know about you, but I'm a Wash 'n' Go girl. IDK majority of curls are waaaay smaller than hers and they do clump as well, and that’s just with water and coconut oil. The best way to avoid matted hair and damage while rocking wash n go’s is by implementing a basic night time routine. The steam from the water hydrates your hair even more, so it allows the product to absorb more. I’m not referring to shrinkage; it feels like the moisture instantly leaves my hair when it dries and… Read more ». Wash and go’s work best on clean, well-conditioned hair. These challenges have led some to believe that wash and wear hair simply isn’t worth those hefty prices.. I put away the combs and brushes. I’m currently using Paul Mitchell The Conditioner (leave-in) with the gel and it gives good results. Wearing protective styles or doing braid outs are actually worse for my hair as far as ssk & breakage, Once the warm weather hits, I’m all about the wash and go (or water spritz and go). I have to cosign the “heavy-handed” thing. Then it hit me! I read somewhere that 4c has the diameter of a crotchet needle; so that’s my guess. I know my hair does,best when i leave it alone for a week at a time but i feel like i have to cowash more than once a week to maintain softness and moisture. I just started trying wash-n-go’s again–usually I fail and go back to twists. That crunch or gel cast is created by polymers formulated in heavy styling products to help clump/enhance curl definition and condition the hair. This will eliminate the need to constantly wash your hair to ‘refresh’ the Wash and Go, and you can make sure your hair remains moisturized. Never start a wash and go without some type of water-based moisturizer after your leave-in, but before your styling product. If you’re hair is seeming a little out of sorts by day 2 or so, it’s definitely time to refresh. Always figure out what products to use beforehand, and determine whether they’ll mesh or not. I'll surely give this a try when I go back to my wash 'n go for spring/summer. Your hair is beautiful!! Here are some of my tips for achieving a long lasting wash and go: 1. Log in. Initially, I did experience a problem with SSKs; but once I… Read more », I was beginning to think I couldn’t do a WnG. I personally cannot wear protective styles for longer than a week because of my scalp psoriasis, and the fact that my hair will fuzz up and render the style ruined by day 4. Great wash and gos start in the shower. Preserving Your Wash-and-Go 1 Get set up before bedtime. I’ve seen 4a’ers on YT and their curls look gargantuan compared to mine. I skipped the oil once and it was an undefined dry mess. That may mean the product is not reaching it. I hope you give it another try! and limits (skin type, water cleanliness, price range, etc.) Because I like to sleep until the last minute, I usually do my refreshing at night before I pineapple. It's much longer and maintaining a wash 'n go is more difficult b/c the smallest amount of manipulation will cause frizz. I don’t have curls to define so a styler is unnecessary but some moisturizing and shine products would be nice. This step will be... 4. My 4c curls clump naturally, but Kinky-Curly custard and Nubian Heritage gel help set my clumps and keep my hair from becoming dry and frizzy. This method allows me to see what it actually looks like on my hair beforehand without any adverse consequences. I keep my hair conditioned and refresh each morning with a small amount of water plus moisturizer as needed. If you’re not a fan of regular conditioner on your hair post-wash, ApHogee Curlific Leave-In, Koils By Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In, and Lawrence Ray Concepts Mega Bounce & Body Leave-In Conditioner are great options. 5. Recently I learned the hard way what happens when I go off my basic routine: I ended up with small MATS that I had to pick out with a sharp object. i’m like you in that my hair gets flat and lopsided at night, and just doesn’t look right, or it frizzes out on the side i sleep on. […] Click here to view original web page at bglh-marketplace.com […], I love wash and go I have type 3b/3c and since one month I use the curl enhancing smoothie by Shea moisture and I love it, it smells good and redefine my curls if it was in a bun or braided before (which destroy my curls). Usually, people who can make their wash n gos last for days have longer hair that can be pineappled in one or two pony tails. Viola, I’m done and have a head full of shiny, bouncy, big curls! Both of those methods are completely fine, and a lot less labor-intensive than what I do. My hair isn’t exactly thick-thick; so, I had to modify how I style my hair. What Is Your Favorite Rihanna Hairstyle? My hair is flattened when I sleep so there is no other way for me to refresh it other then wetting it in the morning. For more information on transitioning, natural hair, and her own hair journey, visit maneobjective.com. Those styles seem to thin it out too much causing too much loosening and flyaways and my hair will not hold a twistout as the unraveling begins. Thanks! I spritzed some tea tree oil and smoothed maybe a handful of leave… Read more », I just moisturize and seal the ends of my hair every other day. This is by far the easiest way I wear my hair. And honestly, I think that’s a more accurate description of what most washers & goers do :-). this category is characterized by the tiniest, tiniest of curls/coils but i have read on various sites that sometimes there may not be definition or clumping present. If you want to achieve a wash and go that lasts, then it’s important to find an oil that’ll help you retain moisture. Have you been able to retain length with it? I only use three products leave in,oil and aloe Vera gel. 8 Tips To Shave Time Off Your Weekly Hair Regimen, “I Probably Would Have Kept My Relaxed Hair If It Was Not Breaking” – What My Friend Taught Me, 12 Celebrities Rocking Their 4a And 4b Tresses, Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 1st Impressions Type 4 Hair, Jill Scott Goes Blonde For The Cover Of Essence And Kills It, My Hair Story- Sonteé‏ (Tasha’s little Girl), Would You Rock It? While it’s true that you will always retain more length with protective styling, for some naturals length retention is possible without constantly twisting and tucking away the hair. That changed everything for me. But before I get too much further, let’s explore a few pro’s and con’s: As you can see, there are some definite benefits and drawbacks to rocking the wash and go style. My summer routine is: 1. It’s not an exact science , [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/hairtype-chart.jpg[/img]. Music: "Record Store" by Meldeah Visit My Second Channel! Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack - Pick 3, Reposted from @liuzzi40 Loving these whipped body, When customers order $100+ worth of whipped butter. its so much easier to detangle now and to total process only takes about 30 min to an hour, I did crochet braids and wigs for my first 2 years. I call it that too!! That is my biggest problem with my wash and go. Lol @ undercarriage!! And when I chopped, I kept the good thing going. i’m the same way. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/image-19.jpg[/img], i think your hair looks pretty. braiding, twisting, bantu knotting, etc. I would prefer to use the method for the days I am lazy, but I would like maintenance advance from someone with shorter hair. As a type 4 mix, I was always concerned with ssk and matting, but I remember getting the most length when my hair was left alone. Some love them because they’re easy, convenient, and long-lasting once you get the right method and products down. CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY Monday through Friday: Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner, tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk, TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier, 6 Tips For Hair Length on a Wash & Go Regimen | Latest Hair Magazine, Requires zero ability/knowledge of styling (i.e. It took me a while, but I think I’ve finally found my groove with it. I wash my hair a little less often than once a week with shampoo only. But they won’t work if applied incorrectly for your hair type. The end result is that for days 1 and 2 my hair is super duper defined, has okay volume, and is a little crunchy. For more transitioning and natural hair tips from Christina, check out her blog, The Mane Objective. My personal picks right now are ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment, Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner, and tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. Hi Shanna! My hair is always teaching me something…. because I finally figured out what products/ingredients and application techniques work for me (#5). as much as i dont want to be a slave to twist outs, wash and go, with various products doesnt work for me. We all have to know and understand our hair, and do what helps it thrive. In these cases, wearing wash and go’s are totally worth it. I might have to give that Nubian Heritage Gel a shot #productjunkie lol. When my hair is ridic dry, as in, in need of moisture, you wouldn’t think that i have coils at all. Dismiss. Not only do you want to moisturize and strengthen your hair prior to, deep conditioning helps cut down on frizz. Your hair have does not look like that to me.…just my opinion. – 9 Women Celebrating Africa Through Hair And Style [Gallery], 13 Hair Looks From The 2016 Soul Train Music Awards [Gallery], 9 Women That Prove Shrinkage Is Oh So Real [Gallery]. If you prefer a scarf, twist hair atop the head using the “pineapple method” to ensure that they are full and bouncy when you take them down in the morning. Wash & go—I agree that this suggests cleansing by whatever means, walking away from the rinse, and going about one’s business. Condition – You want to condition your curls so that they stay hydrated for the duration of the wash and go. Maybe I will give WnG’s another try. I don’t know the specifics of your hair, but if you could elaborate on your process & products, I might be able to help! At the end of the day, it is important to wrap your hair for the night using a headscarf and a large head tie. cacey, (i actually jus conditioned my hair and took a closer look at my hair) I have curls the size of the poster above, and a few smaller ones, plus huge ones (in comprasion) which are about 3c. So i alternate. The key to keeping your wash and go looking its best is to care for your curls even while you’re sleeping. I love it. Either start with freshly washed hair or use my water bottle sprizer 2. Currently I am doing a twist out with leave in, which… Read more ». The essence of the style is bedded within the name itself — wash and go. I then braid my hair in two braids and sleep with the conditioner on…… Read more ». Use the right amount of product and the right method of applying for your hair. I had to get in on this. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/IMG_20140314_103322829_HDR.jpg[/img]. If a wash and go hasn’t worked for you, that’s totally okay! I sure did. I’m a wash-n-go girl for the exact reasons that the author mentioned — they’re easy, convenient, long-lasting, and they look great. products make my hair break off so i tend to avoid them unless i’m going for a strictly fluffy look. I like the video CandidAnn on youtube did of what 4c hair looks like up close. Yet, many women spend endless hours and a nice amount of pocket change trying to find the perfect combination of technique and products that will give them poppin’ curls. lol. Ever since I discovered that I could indeed wash my hair and go, I did. My edges are thin and fine, so it doesn’t take much to make them lie down : Cute pic sis, but you hair doesnt look 4c to me, I could be wrong but I always took 4c hair to be kinky with no curls at all. My wash and goes be looking like wash and locs Retained more length…but that is to be expected…both methods one can retain length but the question is HOW much length… Read more ». Don’t disturb the curl. End of story. My hair is not very dense, so other than a bun, updo or some twists (which I cover with a turban or scarves) protective… Read more ». Sometimes washing, applying product, and going (I’m not a fan of the diffuser) is all you really need. Everything else has been a wash and go. Others find they’re a tangle-inducing, SSK proliferating nightmare. Small little pineapples elongate the curls too much and ruin my wash and go. Not to mention, this basic, natural hairstyle for natural hair can also help some curlies maintain healthy hair and experience growth. I preserve at night by banding some sections, and then using a scarf to pineapple (video here). With the methods and products listed above, I’ve been able to maintain moisturized hair that continues to retain length. If you go in for a perm, you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours, depending on the length of your hair. i use next to nothing, and can get away with using nothing but good ol fashioned H2o on my hair if i wanted. : http://youtube.com/dearnaptural85 Catch Me on Twitter! for reference, my hair’s about an inch or two from APL. There are literally tons of great products that will give your curls, kinks, and coils definition, shine, body, and hold for days. When I started applying my product in sections, it made a world of difference in how long the style lasted and… Read more ». I’m either 4a or 4c. I dont think i could go a whole week just refreshing, Id get build up, I tried a wash n go before and I HATED it. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Thank you for the tips! For me, that means saturating my hair with conditioner every 2–3 days. Only do this if you know your conditioner won’t interfere with your moisturizer or styler, and cause white clumps later on down the line. At the end of the 2nd year, I started doing the wash and goes. But, I want to master a wash and go routine that doesn’t sacrifice the health of my hair for two reasons, (1) what is the point of length I rarely get to utilize, and (2) setting a protective style and taking it down is time consuming. Wash and go’s work best on clean, well-conditioned hair. I’ve only worn wash and go’s as they work for me. I'm normally too lazy to do any other styles to my hair, so I wash it, and leave the house. Rather, I call it what it is: Wet styling. Banding will stretch the style out, and your ‘Fro will get bigger each day without losing any curl definition. Washing. idk how long your hair is, but i agree with you in that the ones that seem able to drag out their WNGs tend to have hair past APL/BSL. That is how mine looks. I wear a twist out 99% of the time. Deep conditioning is vital. I’ve been told 4c curls don’t clump, but I think most curls, regardless of size, will clump if you allow them to do so. This article has debunked those myths, so I’ll be trying the WnG again soon . I have def. My curls are the diameter of crotchet needle; so, that makes them 4c. I maintain my hair by doing a crossrap by grabbing my hair like two puffs and crossing them at the back of my head. After the first 2 years my hair grew to my collar bone about 8.5″ which would be a net of about 4.25″ per year. However, I recently started doing dry twists on my hair once my WnG curls loosen up after a few days. One of the best things about short hair — and one reason why I was all set to keep my hair short the last time I BC’d — is that you can WNG every day without a lot of drama plus it dries (or should dry) relatively quickly. Your email address will not be published. ), Multi-textured hair can present a challenge (if you don’t know what to do). 4c can coil. What works for me is leave-in, oil, gel (in that order). This is my third attempt and after my last one, I almost threw in the towel. the other day, I needed a wash badly but I didnt have time to style so I cowashed my hair (which was a frizzy mess from being straightened) and when I got out of the shower I didnt even detangle it. So I don’t refer to the results of my washing as a wash & go. I deep condition with a super moisturized hair mayo and then my next wash with a light protein deep conditioner. I have been doing the wash and go as my base style. Your wash and go will come out much better on hair that’s deep conditioned regularly so its soft, yet strong and moisturised. I enjoy the simplicity of the wash and go method. I love wash and go styles! Ladies, do you do a wash and go regimen? Sit under a hooded or bonnet dryer on low to medium heat. Don’t skip the leave-in. Then afterwards, make sure to set the hair with a tool like a blow dryer, blowing downward to set the hair. I mainly focus on re-moisturizing sealing my ends. 4. The wash and go can seem like one of the quickest and simplest natural hairstyles, but sometimes its hard to perfect a wash and go that works for your curls. For me, they last a full week and are extremely low maintenance. One of the most commonly stated facts about length retention is that you can’t expect much when you wear your hair out regularly. The wash and go is my staple style and a popular style among naturals. Hi Taylor! The only wash n goes that work for me is Napptural85’s method. Keep us updated on how it turns out . Also, you will know best when to wash your hair. One of the easiest ways to maintain a ceramic coating is a three-step process of Wash-Maintain-Rejuvenate. I used to think LI conditioner didn’t work for my hair. Its kind of a broad question, but I have 3c/corkscrew/low porosity hair and after DCing and using a leave-in, my hair looks and feels great, but after applying styling products, (Curly Magic, at the moment)it dries like a completely different head of hair. After deep conditioning, you can opt to put some regular conditioner back in your hair as a leave-in. [Gallery]. There was a lady on YouTube whose twist outs were fly, but as her hair grew her ends became more and more thin and she’s wasn’t really retaining length. So the best way to determine how you should wash your face is figure out your cleansing goals (quick, one-step, once a day?) Be sure to cleanse your hair thoroughly to remove any product buildup that could potentially interfere with whatever you’ll be using to set the style. I have not figured out how to not have to refresh a wash n go on short hair every morning. This video teaches step-by-step the Anthony Dickey Wash and Go Method on type 4c hair. This has been the easiest "YouTube" wash and go I have done so far. It involves washing your hair and defining your natural curl pattern. Or, if you like pictures follow Christina on Instagram @maneobjective.

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