Nursery philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the ideas and teaching practices developed by Dr Maria Montessori. Dr Montessori believed that children started to learn right from birth, and absorbed information from their surroundings and experiences, she described children as possessing “absorbent minds” (Dr Montessori)

Dr Montessori also believed that all children developed at their own individual pace, and needed to satisfy an inner drive to learn and do things at certain stages of life. Therefore, if given a well prepared environment, children’s development could be enhanced and the children would have a better experience of life and each child would develop a natural sense of responsibility to his/her environment.

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Montessori learning explained

Montessori based learning allows the children to develop a general foundation for learning and development that include:

The Montessori classroom takes advantage of this by allowing the children the freedom to select activities with built in controls of error (children can see for themselves if a mistake has been made) and therefore self correct. The environment is based on the principles of simplicity, reality, beauty and order. A prepared environment enables the children to respond to their natural tendency to work, and satisfy their inner needs.

Children are encouraged to think for themselves, to solve problems on their own and with others and develop confidence in their abilities.

Montessori Pre-School Nursery

Based in Middlesbrough and Thornaby, we use the teaching methods developed by Dr Maria Montessori to help your child’s development.

“Learn through play the Montessori way – the early years are the most important.”

Setting sound foundations for our children to build upon, self care, early literacy and maths.

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